Timeless sneakers made to last.
Bringing an experimental
flair to minimalist sneakers.
Von-röutte is a combination of different languages that together means ‘on route’. We believe that travel experiences and cultural exchanges can change the world. The desire to move forward and become a better version of ourselves keep us thinking about the future.

This is our way of caring about a sustainable future: shoe care, ethical treatment, and timeless design.
Cleaning Service

We Take Care

Taking care of your shoes is taking care of the environment. This is our way of thinking about the future. Our products are designed to last and by giving one complimentary cleaning service to our sneakers we make sure your shoes will be with you for the long run.

Conscious Shopping

Our Ethical Approach

Ethical production is one of the biggest foundations of von-röutte. Making sure the entire production process follows the European Labor Standard was the first thing we took into consideration when choosing our manufacturer.

Future thinking also means having a better understanding of what you are about to purchase. Impulsive shopping makes people produce more waste and that’s why we encourage conscious shopping: learn more & feel good about the product you want to purchase.

Products Made to Last

Designed to be Timeless

Von-röutte is an independent label founded by sydney based couple gus & marina. Combining a background in design and natural science we aim to create timeless sneakers that won’t go out of fashion and won’t produce more waste for the environment.

Aesthetics, function, and simplification of forms are keywords that come first in our dictionary. We love to add an extra flair to minimalist designs, by experimenting with patterns, textures and different materials.