on route. on a journey.
Von-röutte stands for an authentic, simple and comfortable approach to fashion. born in sydney. inspired by the world.

Von-Röutte is an independent label founded by Brazilian born and Sydney based couple Gus & Marina. Combining a background in graphic design and natural sciences, we aim to create understated and easy-to-wear shoes and accessories.

We wanted to ensure our designs were made using only premium materials and manufactured by partners who are ethically and fairly treated. By taking a direct to consumer approach, we were able to meet those standards and offer our products at a better price.

What does Von-Röutte mean?
Our name is a mix of different languages that combined means "on a journey". It's purposely a homage to all cultures, countries, and traditions that we encountered on our travel experiences.

Aesthetics, function and simplification of forms are keywords that come first in our dictionary. We love to add an extra flair to minimalist designs, by experimenting with patterns, textures and different materials. Our shoes are able to blend casual and luxury, making them an essential item from everyday to special occasions. Ultimately, we design understated shoes and accessories, resulting in staple pieces in any wardrobe.

Where everything is made?

Finding the right partners and suppliers as part of our journey. For us, it was imperative to find suppliers and manufacturers that shared similar values and treated their workers fairly and ethically. We traveled all around to meet them and understand their processes.  We visit them regularly to ensure we keep developing our range.

Our shoes are produced by highly-skilled shoemakers in a family-owned factory in Portugal.
our bags and wallets are meticulously handcrafted in a small workshop in Vietnam.
Our range, including tees, sweats and hats were embroidered / screen-printed / printed in Sydney, Australia.