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Chapter 01 - From Brazil to Australia

It has been such a long journey to start our brand from scratch that we’ve thought we should share a bit with everyone that has been supporting us. 

Throughout the next few months, we’ll be sharing a few chapters of our stories about how we have created von-röutte. 

And here is the first one: 

Marina & Gus (I’ll be referring to as we - it’s easier) came to Australia almost 10 years ago as university students. We were both after our Master’s Degree: Gus studying Marketing and Marina, Biological Sciences.

After our graduation, we both got amazing opportunities working in our respective fields. Of course, it wasn’t amazing all the time. Like every young professional, we had our ups and downs in regards to our careers. Living as expats also meant we would have to face extra challenges here, after all, we didn’t know absolutely anyone in the country. 

During this journey, we decided to start a little side project, combining our hobbies and passions. We thought about combining our passion for travel and exploring new cultures. We were always looking for what we would bring to our adventures: we knew it had to be versatile, simple and beautiful. Lucky us we had a pretty talented designer between us who could gather all these ideas and create products out of it. 

We had no idea how to make our drawings come to life. We had to research a lot about pattern making, sewing, fabrics, production… pretty much another degree. After combining our very different experiences and background we realised this was bigger than a hobby: it was a whole new project coming to life!

We could feel there was an opportunity for leather goods and footwear in the market. We were looking for high-end products but at a reasonable price. Everything in shoes we could find were either above $500 or a very fast fashion.


The idea was there.
We just needed to plan the whole thing now


Hope you liked the story! Share with a friend and tell them to come by to our store and meet us. If you haven’t done so, we would love to meet you in Bondi!

Gus & Marina


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