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Top Modernist Houses in Amsterdam

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Amsterdam is famous for its many amazing pieces of architecture, from Anne Frank House to the modernist Van Gogh Museum, but it’s unique architectural designs stretch a lot further than just famous attractions. From some of the world’s narrowest houses to a house that’s famed for having many heads, Amsterdam is home to an array of the world’s most unique pieces of architecture, including many modernist homes.

Sodae House

Sodae House

Sodae House is one of VMX Architects most fascinating and unique designs. This striking, contemporary building is located in a rural-like natural environment, with strange angles and dramatic shapes making this home completely unique. The three storey design of this property comprises of a kitchen, living area, bathrooms, bedrooms, and a basement complete with a gym and a home cinema; the property even has a small garden attached to it. The contemporary design of this property along with the location that it is situated in gives it a chic, sophisticated vibe.

Lofthouse 1

Lofthouse 1

A Marc Koehler Architects’ creation, Lofthouse 1 is located in Houthaven Quay, Amsterdam’s trendy sea port. What gives this unusual property a luxurious vibe is its untreated pine cladding and large glass windows framing the gorgeous port that the building overlooks. The minimalist design of Lofthouse 1 also helps to add to its sophisticated style, as does the unique interior design. Inside this property is a large zig-zag staircase that runs from the ground floor up to the third floor, helping to create a more seamless connection between each floor, with one continuous flowing staircase.

Modern Canal Home

A modern canal home is the brainchild of a couple with a love of canal-style living and a passion for modern and minimalist architecture, combined with the design skills of Joris van Hoytema and Anouk Riehl. The concept behind this innovative property was to create a modern version of a traditional tall, slender Dutch canal house, and that’s what the owners have ended up with. The three storey property is light, airy, and wonderfully elegant, it is cladded with untreated wood, and has a range of shutters fitted so that as much or as little light can be let in as the owners like. Despite its modern design, the property fits perfectly into the area and sits snugly between two traditional canal homes.

Ijburg House

For modernist homes, black is a colour that is often used because it creates a sleek, sophisticated and distinctive look. It’s edgy. While most contemporary property designs steer clear of using paint at all, and instead opt to incorporate natural materials like wooden cladding into the design, for Ijburg House black works. Another Marc Koehler Architects’ creation, Ijburg House is located in a recently developed suburb of Amsterdam and is a truly unique space, both in terms of its shape and style. What’s unique about this building is that it combines both closed off and open spaces, with outdoor and indoor spaces flowing naturally into each other. Complete with three bedrooms, a kitchen, living space, and a bathroom, there's more to this property than meets the eye. It also has the potential to be used as an office, an artist's studio, a play area, or a laundrette, as well as a home.


There's no doubting that Amsterdam is home to some of the world's most unique and innovative architectural creations.