Tips and Hacks for Travelling Alone

Tips and Hacks for Travelling Alone

October 17, 2016

Guy travelling alone in the train

Travelling alone is a totally different experience than travelling with other people. I took my first international solo trip about six months ago, and I liked it so much that I’ve crossed international borders alone several times since then! I’d personally always travel with other people, but doing it solo isn’t bad at all. For some, it’s the only way to go. Here are some tips for taking a trip with yourself.

  • Keep a schedule. It’s easy to let a schedule slip when you’re travelling alone; after all, there’s no one else to coordinate with. But if you don’t have at least a loose plan, you might find yourself driving like a maniac through the rain to the ferry landing, only to realise that you left your passport at home. Which I have definitely done. Not fun.

  • Bring a selfie stick. Nobody’s going to be around to take ten bajillion photos of you at all the cool places you go. On the plus side, nobody is going to be around to make fun of you and your selfie stick. Nobody you’ll ever see again, that is. People want to see your trips over Instagram, and you can’t leave your public hanging. For ten bucks, it’s worth it. 

  • Always tote your phone and charger. If you’re alone, you need to have a working phone at all time. As a woman, and thus a likelier target for scammers and creepers, I feel an especially great need to have the ability to contact people in the case of emergency. But everyone should be safe and avoid getting stuck with a dead phone.

    Traveller on the road alone

  • Leave an itinerary. No matter who you are or how well-travelled you are, you should let someone know where you’re going to be and when. This is for your safety and their peace of mind. You never know what sort of situation might crop up, for you and for people back home. It’s always better for people to have an idea of your whereabouts.

  • Save and spend your way. You don’t have to get that fancy hotel that your spouse always insists on. Or that meal out that your sister enjoys. Or even take a taxi if you’re OK with a bus! When you’re on your own, you can set your own budget. So take advantage of trimming costs on things you don’t care about and spending a little more on the things you do.


Breana is an American expat living in the Dutch Caribbean. Graphic Designer and writer from sunny Arizona, she has travelled around the Caribbean, Mexico, Tanzania, Burundi, Kenya and most of the U.S. You can also follow Breana and her adventures together with her husband, at