The Basics of Leather Care

The Basics of Leather Care

September 08, 2016

Brown leather skin being sewed

There are a few basics of leather care that everyone should be aware of if they own a leather bag or wallet. There is no excuse for not looking after your leather items properly because it’s actually very simple. As long as you know and understand the basics of leather care, there will be nothing standing in your way. So, read on to learn all you need to know.

  • Buy a Cleaning Product That’s Made for Leather

Now that you know the importance of cleaning up your leather rapidly after a spill, you need to know what to clean it with. There are leather cleaning products that are designed for this precise purpose, and these are the products you should be using. They have exactly the right pH and acid levels to ensure that the cleaning product is not too harsh on your items. Therefore, any potential damage will be avoided.

  • Use Leather Conditioner

When you’ve had your leather products for a long time, they can lose the moisture that keeps them soft and supple. You don’t want this to happen, so that’s why you should always use a leather conditioner. These are cheap and easy to buy. And by applying them to your leather regularly, you can keep it feeling smooth and healthy for longer than you otherwise would be able to. It’s a trick that any owner of leather products should know about.

  • Clean Stain or Spills the Moment You Notice Them

The moment you notice that there has been a spill, or you spot a stain on your leather item, you should take action. Any water or moisture should be wiped off as quickly as possible with a cloth. There is no need to use any kind of heat to dry the product because this can just do further damage. And stubborn stains can be lifted with chalk powder if other methods don’t succeed. This usually works if you leave it on for a while.

Drops of water on leather

  • Only Touch Leather Products with Clean Hands

How you handle your leather products should also be given some care and attention. You will cause more damage to your products if you handle them when your hands aren’t clean. Any dirt or grime that is on your hands will be transferred to the leather whenever you touch it. And over time, this can have a very negative impact on the quality and condition of the leather itself. So, handle your leather with care.

  • Stuff a Leather Bag When It’s Not in Regular Use

If you have a leather bag, you might only use it periodically. We all have numerous bags, and some get used more than others. That’s just the way it is. But it doesn’t mean that you don’t care for the bags you use less, and they will be sure to come in handy again in the future. So, you need to maintain their shape when not being used. You can do this by stuffing the bag with something like bubble wrap that will fill it and hold its shape.