Minimalist Office Essentials

Minimalist Office Essentials

June 19, 2017

The minimalist style is very subtle yet extremely popular. The idea is to be as minimal as possible and keep things nice and simple. Nowadays, there’s a growing trend that sees a lot of offices adopting this style.

As such, we thought we’d bring you a guide to the minimalist office essentials. Below, you’ll find loads of things that would look great in a minimalist office:

Special Edition 675 Chair From Robin Day 

Finding a minimalist office chair can be fairly easy as most chairs aren’t really that ‘out there.' Still, you want chairs that are very simple and don’t have too many complicated design elements. Something like the Special Edition 675 Chair from Robin Day. This is a very elegant chair made from molded plywood with a steel frame. You even have a choice of colours on the seat cushion as well. Extremely minimalistic yet highly elegant and a real premium chair.


There are so many great minimalist office desks around, but we think you should look for something that provides you with great value for your money. What we mean is that you find a minimalist desk that offers more functions than a typical office desk. Something like the METIS Desk would be perfect. Not only do you get a gorgeous minimal wooden desk that’s expertly crafted in Portugal, but you also get a lot of storage space. There are loads of secret compartments tucked away to help you get clutter off your desk and hidden from view.

Bose Bluetooth Speakers

Wires are a massive issue in a minimalist workspace. They create the one thing you’re trying to remove; clutter. By using a MacBook instead of a PC, you already get rid of a lot of wires. You can make things even better by buying wireless speakers. The Bose SoundLink Revolve Bluetooth speakers are a perfect addition to your desk. There are no wires, and they have a quintessential minimalist design to them; a match made in heaven.

Hello Rhei Clock

A clock is one of the few things you can afford to have on your desk in your minimalist office. There are so many options to choose from, but our favourite is the Hello Rhei clock. This is an exquisite piece that combines ultra-modern design with revolutionary technology. Hello Rhei uses a unique liquid display to show the time and form different shapes; there’s nothing on the market quite like it. It may only be in the prototype phase, but this is definitely a great clock for your office.

Monteverde Pen

One of the main concepts of being a minimalist is taking a simple object and getting as much out of it as possible. This way, you only need one thing instead of cluttering up your life with multiple objects. The Monteverde Pen is a great example of this as it takes a simple office pen to new levels. You get a ruler, screwdriver, a leveler, and a stylus, all rolled into one. It’s the ultimate office tool and will be perfect for your minimalist office.