How to clean and take care of your canvas bag

How to clean and take care of your canvas bag

September 26, 2016

Cleaning your canvas bag

Once you’ve purchased the canvas bag you’ve been searching for, you’ll need to think about how to keep it clean and take care of it. Here’s all you need to know about doing exactly that.

  • Use Fabric Protector

    When you own a canvas bag you like, you want it to be protected. That’s why one of the first things you can do it, is to apply a fabric protector. If you do this, you will make sure that the materials are as protected as they possibly can be before you even start to use it. You should make sure you buy a type or fabric protector that is made for canvas bags to avoid anything like discolouration.

    • Remove Dirt with a Stiff Brush

      You don’t want dirt on the surface of your bag, but you need to be careful how you use it. It’s a good idea to give your canvas bag a brush down after you use. This will remove anything that might have got stuck to the bag throughout the day as you’ve been using it. The kind of brush you use is significant because you don’t want to damage the material. A stiff brush is the best option because it will remove anything on the surface quickly without doing any damage in the process.

      Stiff Brush to clean canvas bags

      • When Wet, Let it Dry Naturally

        If your bag gets wet, then you should not use heat to dry it. Don’t use a radiator or a hair dryer. This is a mistake that many people make, but it can cause huge damage to the bag. That’s not what you want when you’re trying to keep the bag in good shape. So, when you’ve been out in the rain, or you spill water on it, remove everything from inside the bag. And then you can leave it somewhere to dry naturally. Wait patiently and don’t use the bag again until it’s dry. That way, you will avoid any damage.

        • Use a Cloth and Cold Water for General Cleaning

          You should give the canvas bag a general clean every few weeks or so. This ensures that the surface materials are kept in good condition, and no erosion or discolouration occurs. When you clean the bag, it’s best to use plain cold water and a soft cloth. You can some baby shampoo to the cloth if you want to. This will get rid of any of the grime that might be lingering on the bag without you realising it. You really need to make sure that you do this regularly to keep it clean.

          • Keep the Bag Away from Dirty Surfaces
            It might seem like a common sense piece of advice, but you’ll be surprised at how many people fail to do this. We’re all guilty of taking our possessions for granted now and then. But when you have a quality canvas bag, you want to keep it functional and in good condition for as long as possible. But that’s only going to happen if you make sure you keep the bag away from dirty surfaces. The better you take care of the bag, the longer it will last, so it makes sense to be careful.