Best 5 Christmas Spots on North Hemisphere

Best 5 Christmas Spots on North Hemisphere

December 16, 2016

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Everyone dreams of a white Christmas just as much as the next person but with the festive period approaching, where can you actually find one? Or maybe you just want to get away somewhere for the holiday period and experience a different atmosphere? Well, sit back while we help you make your decision because here are the Best 5 Christmas Spots on North Hemisphere:

  • Krakow, Poland
  • krakow city skyline
  • The stunning blanket of fairy lights scattered across St Mary’s Square in Krakow is almost reason alone to visit Krakow at Christmas time, but then this medieval city is overflowing with other charms, beauty and attractions. From the imposing Wawel Castle, the winding cobblestone streets, the many inviting chocolate shops and world class restaurants or the horse-drawn carts which make it feel like you have stepped back in time to another era altogether. Yes, Krakow is infused with fine architecture, interesting places to see and things to do but that’s before we even mention the Christmas Markets.

    During Christmas in Krakow, St Mary’s Square comes alive with an enormous range of stalls and food vendors selling everything from traditional sausages to mulled wine, Belgian waffles, perogies and cheap vodka to help the revelers keep warm. Few places in Europe or even the world can replicate the warm Christmas atmosphere in Krakow, Poland and to make things even more enticing, the city is not only one of the most affordable places to reach but also one of the best value places to stay.

  • New York, USA
  • New York during winter. Street and parked cars covered in snow.

    Start spreading the news, we’re leaving today, we’ll make a brand new start of it….New York, New York. Nowhere in the world can rival the Big Apple for the holiday feel and if it happens to snow when you visit, you will likely feel as though you’ve been transported into one of your favorite Christmas movie. Obviously nothing closes in New York and the “City that never sleeps” offers an opportunity for every visitor to explore the usual landmarks in between shopping and general festivities – The Empire States Building, Ground Zero, Ellis Island, Central Park etc.

    That being said, even if white powder fails to show during your stay in New York at Christmas, the warm atmosphere created by locals and visiting tourists is as much an attraction as anything else. New Yorkers get a bad rap when it comes to a reputation for being unfriendly but Christmas is different and a feeling of goodwill is always present. And if you do arrive in New York without interest for the famous sights or friendly people, the range of shopping, restaurants and bars is usually enough to make for an unforgettable Christmas.

  • Tallinn, Estonia
  • Tallin city view during winter

    Although Prague, Czech Republic could easily have made it onto this list, having already chosen Krakow above we thought it best to look a little further afield and here we find, Tallin. The capital of Estonia has only recently come into the watchful eyes of travellers and offers another Medieval experience with a high likelihood of snow.

    With a beautiful old city on the doorstep and the nearby Kadriorg park, you will never be short of interesting places to take a stroll, while the historic buildings and museums also tell an interesting story. Speaking of museums, do not miss out on the submarines and boats in Seaplane Harbour. Okay, can we be honest? Tallin is not the cheapest place in Europe to spend Christmas and may end up costing a lot more than most cities but then again, what is money next to a city which offers so many unique experiences as Tallin.

  • Montreal, Canada
  • People playing on the snow

    Known for a French speaking community, lively nightlife and unbelievable food – Montreal not only guarantees you a fun visit but also the most likely chance of snow of any city in the Northern Hemisphere. Seriously, if you want a white Christmas, skip New York and head further north where hotel rates are surprisingly cheap in December and you can indulge in a spot of skiing, dog sledding or even ice fishing.

    Visit Golden Square Mile for glorious food, Ste Catherine Street for world class shopping, the stoney streets of Old Montreal for some history and the underground city to witness a most impressive Christmas tree in all its glory. Montreal also has a reputation for being able to throw a party but who needs an excuse to let the hair down at Christmas, right?

  • Dublin, Ireland
  • People walking on Dublin city centre

    The Kings and Queens of hospitality, if you have already visited Ireland then you will know how warm, friendly and welcoming the locals are in the Emerald Isle. Pubs, cafes and quaint restaurants are full to the brim throughout Christmas week, the shopping is like a scaled down version of London, the food is heartily good and the nightlife, well, it’s unbeatable.

    Spend the day exploring the Guinness Factory, Old Kilmainham Gaol, Trinity College, U2’s first recording studios and the very home of the infamous poet William B Yeats. Yes, Dublin is another city that never sleeps and you could literally spend weeks here checking out the attractions before you get close to enjoying some Christmas shopping. Prices are a little high and hotel vacancies can be scarce if not booked in advance, but when you find yourself sitting next to a turf fire with a pint of Guinness and some traditional music jamming in the corner, you will need no reminders why this is one of the most popular cities in Europe with or without Christmas.


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