Adventure Trips for Couples

Adventure Trips for Couples

November 21, 2016

Couples hanging out at the beach

Nothing binds or bonds two people more than travel and at no time is life more exciting than taking on a new adventure of some sort. With that in mind, when was the last time you and your partner went somewhere new or experienced something genuinely different? You see, I’m no guru when it comes to relationships but I do know for certain that all of my most memorable experiences with someone special have involved a travel adventure of some kind. But what adventures am I talking about? Here are five of my top favourite adventures for couples:


Climb Kilimanjaro (Tanzania, Africa)

Kilimanjaro Mountain

We’ll start with the big one, the tallest freestanding mountain on the planet and the highest in all of Africa. So why choose this mountain and not somewhere else?  Well, simply, there is no place on this earth like Africa and there are few mountains so spectacular which are easily climbed by hikers with little to no experience. Yes, even a beginner can climb Kilimanjaro, and as a couple, you can expect to spend plenty of alone time on the mountain at night and just as much time encouraging/supporting each other as you trek during the day. Make no mistake, climbing Kilimanjaro is a once in a lifetime experience which your partner will never forget and when you whisk them off to nearby Zanzibar for a week on tropical beaches to recover, your partner is sure not to forget about you any time soon either!


Hike the East Coast Trail, Newfoundland (Canada)

Hike in Canada

As far as dangers go, the East Coast Trail is a pretty safe place to take a scenic, remote, yet accessible hike. There should be no real concerns regarding wildlife either. Moose will be present, yes. But coyotes and bears are a very rare thing in these parts. So expect rugged coastline, well marked trails, nice camping areas, unpredictable weather and a lot of getting to know each other – the East Coast Trail is akin going on a yoga retreat with someone special.

If I could give one reason why this is the perfect adventure for a couple, it would be in that it’s a hike manageable by just about any fitness level and, if things are a little strenuous, you can easily reduce the amount of trail you wish to cover – hence, no arguments on how far you trek each day and more time to spend cooking on the campfire.


Micro adventure in a Bothy (Cairngorms, Scotland)

Bothy Adventure for Couples - Scotland

What is a micro adventure? Well, it’s a short and affordable trip into the outdoors. And what is a Bothy? These are old hunting lodges in the Scottish highlands which are now maintained by the government and open for use to anyone without any cost. Yeah that’s right, free accommodation.

So why not head north of Edinburgh in Scotland to the Cairngorms and take everything you need for a night or two hiking and camping in the wild. Best thing is, these Bothies are located throughout the highlands meaning you can literally go hiking between them for a few days or much more. Basic on the inside, charming on the outside – a trip to the Scottish highlands will remind you of just how beautiful this earth really is and with enough food, water and a loved one by your side, you’ll both have everything you need.


Bike through Mae Hong Son (Thailand)

Thailand for Couples

This mountainous region in the very north of Thailand is a luscious escape from the busy cities of South East Asia and offers the perfect opportunity to explore by bike. The question is what type of bike is up to you: motorbike or bicycle? Some people do both, although I’m certain those on a bicycle will regret their decision almost every day they spend sweating their way up these enormous hillsides. Anyway, Mae Hong Son has many villages and towns with quaint accommodation and beautiful areas to explore such as beautiful Pai. Sleepy during the day, lively at night – Pai is a nice place to break up a trip around the Mae Hong Son province but in general, this is one of the most affordable and enjoyable trips you can find. Motorbikes cost less than $5 per day, accommodation less than $10 and food.. Well food is always cheap in Thailand.

As with Kilimanjaro, there are plenty of options for where to extend your stay after exploring the Mae Hong Son loop such as the many Islands down south of Thailand or the cultural capital of Thailand, Chiang Mai City.


Derek is an Irish travel blogger and loves marketing & advertising. Has travelled all around the world including Australia & New Zealand.