8 Street food around the world you must try

8 Street food around the world you must try

October 17, 2016

Street food fries cone

If you’re traveling around the world, eating street food can be a convenient and cost effective way to eat. Of course, you have to ensure that you’re buying food from a hygienic vendor, or you might have to cut your trip short. To give you a heads up, here are some famous street foods from around the world you just have to try!

Suppli, Rome, Italy

Suppli fried rice balls

Suppli are delicious fried rice balls with melted mozzarella inside. The recipe has been the same for years, including ragu made from beef. The traditional recipe is usually the best, but you can find versions that include a variety of ingredients.

Koulouri, Athens, Greece

Koulouri breads

There are many street foods in Greece that will make your mouth water at the sight of them. Koulouri is a favourite of many travellers. These sesame covered bread rings are delicious. You can also get perfectly grilled meat on a pita, called souvlaki.

Banh Mi, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Vietnamese meat banh mi sandwich

Eating a Banh Mi is basically like eating an authentic baguette. You can get all different types of bread, with a variety of fillings. Usually, you’ll get grilled meat such as pork, along with vegetables such as cucumber and cilantro. You can get street foods like this all over the world, but Ho Chi Minh City does one of the best!

Hotdogs, Harry’s Cafe de Wheels, Sydney, Australia

Harry's Cafe de Wheels, Sydney Australia

This place does one of the most famous hotdogs in the world. You can pick your style of hotdog based on their extensive menu, including a yummy chili dog. The dogs are so famous that even celebrities come here to sample the goods. Things tend to get messy in here, so don’t forget to grab a napkin. You’ll definitely think the experience was worth it!

Durum, Istanbul, Turkey

Meat and vegetables durum

This wrap is made with a variety of flatbreads. Inside, you can get meats such as lamb and beef. It might sound like your regular kebab or after-drink snack, but Turkey’s version is something else. They maximize the crispness of their wraps, making them some of the best you’ll ever try. Make sure you have yours smothered in hot sauce!

Rainbow Ice, Honolulu, Hawaii

Hand holding a rainbow ice cream

You can buy a delicious array of street food in Hawaii, from raw fish salads to fresh octopus. However, one of the most famous street foods here is Rainbow Ice. These look so pretty - perfect for your Instagram. Plus, there are thousands of flavour combinations to choose from.

Poutine, Quebec, Canada

Potato chips with grave and cheese

This is now a popular street food all over Canada, especially after a few drinks. However, the dish originated in Quebec. You get crispy fries, topped with cheese curds and gravy. The dish is so famous that you can now buy the dish in cities all over the world.

Pork Satay, Bangkok, Thailand

Plate with pork skewers, satay sauce and cucumber salad

Pork is one of the most popular meats in Thailand, and a variety of ingredients are used to flavour it. Many street vendors use things like coconut milk and turmeric to make the famous taste. Don’t just eat your pork satay alone, though. Make sure you have it with pickled cucumber salad; a tangy side dish!